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City of Santa Monica Downtown Parking Plan


Santa Monica, California

Walker was retained by the City of Santa Monica to identify sources of revenue for the purpose of funding additional parking facilities needed to meet the perceived demand for parking in the downtown area

The purpose of the study was also to improve the public’s access to downtown Santa Monica by increasing the efficiency and utilization of existing parking spaces and other transportation options that are available serving the downtown area

Walker recommended that construction of the City proposed 1,000 additional parking spaces was unnecessary and that more desirable alternatives should be pursued, including an improved management plan for the existing parking and transportation resources

Walker suggested that the City channel resources into cost effective and sustainable use of existing parking spaces, public transit, and non‐motorized modes of transportation such as bicycling and walking

The outcome of the study was significant for downtown Santa Monica and the City as a whole. The goals and objectives of the study were exceeded.

Other significant outcomes included:

  • Savings of $57,000,000 in parking construction costs, not including land and garage operating costs
  • Scarce land and resources in downtown Santa Monica were made available for destinations instead of vehicle storage
  • The acceptance of stakeholders and elected officials not to build additional parking facilities but instead put resources into transportation alternatives
  • Use of the parking study as a vehicle to pursue City quality of life and environmental objectives

“Your study has turned out to be a revolutionary document.”
Council Member Kevin McKeown

“This report is fabulous and long overdue . . . We’ve had an inefficient approach to manage our parking over the years . . . This will help us further our sustainability goals.”
Council Member Richard Bloom

“This vote marked a sea change for the council members.”
Columnist Frank Gruber, The Lookout

“Changing the very psychology of urban vehicle storage.”
Los Angeles Times

This project received the 2013 Award of Merit from the International Parking Institute.