Altoona, Pennsylvania

Altoona Transportation Center

Forensic Restoration

Del Mar, California

City of Del Mar Parking Management Plan

Planning, Operations, Consulting

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

City of Harrisburg Public-Private Partnership

Financial, Consulting

Memphis, Tennessee

City of Memphis On-Street Parking

Planning, Technology, Operations, Consulting

New Haven, Connecticut

City of New Haven PARCS

Technology, Consulting

Omaha, Nebraska

City of Omaha

Financial, Consulting

Santa, Monica, California

City of Santa Monica Downtown Parking Plan

Planning, Financial, Consulting

City of Industry, California

Foothill Transit Park and Ride

Parking Design

Orlando, Florida

GEICO Center

Parking Design

Chicago, Illinois

Grant Park South Garage Restoration

Forensic Restoration

White Plains, New York

Lyon Place Parking Structure

Parking Design

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Parking System Long-Term Concession Agreement

Financial, Operations, Consulting

Denver, Colorado

Regional Transportation District

Financial, Operations, Consulting

Tyler, Texas

The City of Tyler Fair Plaza Parking Garage

Planning, Financial, Parking Design

Vehicular Barrier Impact

Emergency Response Services

West Hollywood, California

West Hollywood Automated Garage

Automated Vehicle Retrieval Systems, Parking Design

Wyandanch, New York

Wyandanch Intermodal Facility

Functional Design, Parking Design