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Central Connecticut State University Parking Study


New Britain, Connecticut

Parking Demand Analysis, Demand Projections, Short- and Long-Term Recommendations, Parking Supply & Space Allocation
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Central Connecticut State University has an active parking system serving commuter students, resident students, faculty, staff, outside vendors and contractors, and visitors. Members of the campus community consider parking to be difficult, with queues forming in the morning at the most convenient, and thus preferred, parking facilities. People also reported tardiness due to insufficient parking. With a new development on the horizon, the Campus will lose some of its existing parking, exacerbating congestion.

Walker Consultants has provided a study looks at the adequacy of the parking facilities under current and growth conditions; best parking management practices; technology improvements; the administration and operation of campus parking; policies and enforcement; alternative transportation and transportation demand management (TDM); and ways to improve and enhance communications. The University now has detailed information to help them improve customer service, manage construction impacts, and plan for growth.

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