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Walker Consultants helps developers with all phases of an investment, from start to finish and beyond.

Our planning consultants can address concerns about access to your site, including identifying the right amount of parking to build.

Our architects and engineers can review plans to ensure your building envelope systems are properly designed and built. Our parking design services have lead the industry for decades and cover every detail from structural design to day-to-day operations.

Our restoration experts can provide critical insight during the due diligence process. We prepare asset management plans that make it easier to budget for maintenance and can save you money in the long run. Our creative and cost-effective repair designs address the root cause of issues and extend the life of your asset.

Whether you’re dealing with a single parcel or an entire district, let Walker Consultants be your ally.

Walker has experts that are qualified by the New York City Department of Buildings to inspect your parking structure.

NYC DOB Inspections

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