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Peoria Transportation Equity Study

  • Mobility analysis and planning
  • Community engagement
Peoria County, Illinois

Plan with tangible action steps, including identified funding options and potential partners

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Transportation plays a critical role in our ability to thrive, impacting our access to everything from job opportunities to fresh, healthy food. Recognizing this fact, Peoria County, Illinois leveraged Walker’s expertise on a grant-funded project to identify tangible opportunities for increasing transportation and mobility access in 61605—one of Peoria’s most disadvantaged ZIP codes.

Understanding the Impact

Walker incorporated a unique approach to understanding existing transportation and mobility conditions in 61605. Going beyond the usual transportation network mapping and data analysis, Walker assessed demographic indicators like educational attainment, access to grocery stores and fresh produce, access to medical professionals, internet reliability, income status and more to build a comprehensive picture of transportation’s role in residents’ ability to thrive.

Letting the Community Decide

Through close coordination with community leaders, service providers, and residents, Walker was able to align the technical work with the real day-to-day experiences of people who live, work, and play in Peoria. This alignment directly informed recommendations—such as free transportation for medical appointments, expanded street lighting along commercial and transit corridors, improved Safe Routes to School programs, simplified and capped transit fares, and cash payment options for bus passes.

The Way Forward

With the support and participation of the City of Peoria and other transportation and service agencies, the Peoria County Government is already starting to make headway on some recommendations, such as improved non-motorized access at major intersections in 61605. The final Plan focuses on tangible action steps with identified funding options and potential partners—with the aim of making transportation barriers to thriving a thing of the past in 61605.

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