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Building Envelope

for New Construction

Don’t just hope your new building won’t leak. Know that it won't—because you hired Walker Consultants to design, review, or test your building envelope systems.

Whether we are designing the system ourselves or reviewing an existing design, our building envelope experts know the errors to avoid and how to design a long-lasting, weatherproof system.

Walker Consultants specializes in building envelope design and consulting. In our experience with new construction, restoration, investigations, testing, and forensics, we have come across a wide range of building envelope issues and challenges. We understand how different building envelope systems should interact with and transition to one another. We use this experience to help you avoid costly mistakes and delays on new construction projects.

Al Bustamante, PE

Senior Vice President / Managing Director

Diagram of several buildings on a city block with parts of the building envelope labeled

Building Envelope Peer Review

Building design and peer review services are critical to the overall building envelope quality and performance. With the evolution of building materials and construction technology, building owners, developers, architects, and contractors will benefit from Walker’s peer review services that provide an extra level of quality assurance for the exterior enclosure systems.

Building Envelope Commissioning

Walker acts as a lead of the quality control process for the owner’s interest to prevent and eliminate problems inexpensively. Beginning in pre-design through each project phase, we review drawings and make site visits to verify that the project goals are being met to result in value for the life of the structure. This process yields quality buildings that meet/exceed the owner’s expectation which ultimately saves on the overall cost for the owner (project cost, structure life cycle, fewer change orders).

Waterproofing Design

Walker provides waterproofing design services for all building components including below-grade foundations, plaza and podium configurations, balconies, walkways, wall systems, window flashing, and roofing assemblies.

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