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Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

Walker provides attorneys, insurance companies, building owners, and design firms with a wide range of expert testimony and litigation support services.

Our litigation support services include forensic investigations, assessment, testing, and design analysis. Our experts are available to provide expert witness testimony, deposition services, and mediation/trial support.

Anurag Jain, PhD, PE

Vice President / Director of Forensics

Litigation Support

Walker provides attorneys, insurance companies, building owners, and design firms with a wide range of litigation support services including forensic investigations, assessment, testing, and design analysis.

Expert Testimony

We’re not just investigators or problem solvers; we transform intricate technical findings into clear, concise narratives that resonate in the courtroom. Our expert testimony services support attorneys navigating complex legal disputes involving property damage, building or component failure, construction and design defects, building envelope issues, construction accidents, and other forensic matters requiring technical expertise. Our seasoned team of experts conducts meticulous site investigations and performs state of the art analysis to solve complex technical problems.

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each case, whether it involves a single system failure or a multifaceted, interconnected issue. We pride ourselves on our ability to determine the root cause or contributing factors of a failure, applying our comprehensive education and cutting-edge visualization techniques to present findings that are both credible and compelling.

Insurance Claim Consulting

An insurance claim for property damage is initiated by a property owner to request coverage from the insurance provider for property damage, which could be due to wind, flood, fire, soil movement, adjacent construction, vibration or another hazard.

Our experts’ extensive knowledge of the nature of each hazard and years of experience in understating the effects of each hazard to different types of structures and performance of the unique structure under a specific hazard are essential to assist the insurance professionals, such as independent adjustors and public adjustors, to decide whether the property damage is covered under the policy and determine the extent of coverage. Walker is a pivotal ally for insurance companies seeking forensic clarity.

Our insurance consulting process, built on a foundation of rigorous training and a rich history of field and repair design experience, is exhaustive yet efficient. It involves in-depth forensic investigations and comprehensive analyses, crafted to provide clients with clear and sound conclusions and recommendations that the insurance professionals need in order to make informed decisions to confidently navigate claims.

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