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Parking Structure Restoration

Like any building, a parking structure requires regular assessments and maintenance to keep it safe and in-service. Proactive maintenance not only extends the service life of a structure, but it also saves money in the long run.

Assessments at regular intervals can reveal small problems before they become big ones—and before they become significantly more costly to repair.

As a leader in the parking design industry, Walker is familiar with parking structures of all shapes, sizes, and structural systems. We’ve worked with virtually every type of client, from mega structures for airports to private residential parking facilities, and we understand the unique requirements of each market. Our nationwide presence also means we’re familiar with local codes, maintenance issues, and more.

Al Bustamante, PE

Senior Vice President / Managing Director

Condition Assessment

Walker’s professional staff will assess the current condition of the parking facility, conduct appropriate material and non-destructive testing, identify potentially hazardous conditions, determine not only the extent of the deterioration but more importantly its root cause. Walker’s parking structure condition assessment provides in-depth information on the structure, including areas in need of repairs that are important for its stability and longevity. An assessment at regular intervals can reveal issues before they become significantly more costly to repair.

Repair Design

Walker develops specialized, focused and practical repair designs that will increase the performance and extend the structural service life of the parking facility. Our detailed construction and bidding documents, coupled with on-site monitoring, reduce potential change orders and verify that repair objectives are met.

Maintenance Plans

Walker regularly prepares maintenance programs for new and rehabilitated parking facilities. Maintenance programs are developed to assure proper and timely actions to minimize premature failure of parking structure components and systems. Walker provides recommendations for prioritized repairs, alternatives for remedial actions, and a detailed opinion of probable costs. Walker’s engineers and architects work closely with clients to arrive at an implementable course of action.

Facility maintenance must be performed at regular intervals to be cost-effective. Our maintenance plans include task schedules for all parking structure components, such as floors, structural supports, stair/elevators, occupied space, lighting and support equipment.

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