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Walker Consultants is a trusted advisor to the University of Nevada – Las Vegas (UNLV).

Parking and transportation departments at colleges and universities face a unique challenge. Their role is often not well understood by their customers—faculty, staff, students, and guests—and sometimes not even by campus administrators and leadership. Add in the annual turnover of populations on a campus, and parking and transportation officials find themselves responding to similar questions over and over.

In addition, these same organizations are charged with administering unpopular programs that include paid parking and enforcement of parking regulations. As a result, and usually through no fault of their own, they sometimes suffer from a lack of trust within the institutions that they work hard to serve.

An outside voice can lend credibility.

UNLV reached out to Walker Consultants to create a series of white papers that they could use during discussions with their clientele, constituents, and leadership on a variety of topics including:

  • The pros and cons of sliding scale parking fees (based on wages), along with a discussion on how to provide real equity in transportation and parking programs
  • The benefits and liabilities of monetizing a university parking system via a public-private partnership transaction
  • The challenges associated with shifting to fully cashless operations (offering only payroll, student accounts, credit/debit cards, and mobile phone applications as payment options)

The resulting white papers employed real-life case stories, industry research, first-hand operational experience, and Walker’s expertise gained through projects undertaken with hundreds of colleges and universities. Walker’s work provides UNLV with a helpful communications tool that they can use to have more productive conversations.

Walker’s guidance adds value

“UNLV strives to provide the best customer service possible to our customers. Walker has made this much easier by providing us with professional guidance and support from their highly qualified team of consultants. We are very appreciative of their ability to respond quickly, and provide the needed support requested in an efficient and effective manner, adding value to our many services.”

— Tad R. McDowell, Director, Business Affairs, Parking and Transportation Services, University of Nevada – Las Vegas 

David Lieb

David Lieb, TDM-CP

Principal | National Director of Higher Education Mobility Planning

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