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Indiana University Parking System


Bloomington, Indiana

Indiana University’s self-supporting parking system consists of 20,300 spaces in 6 parking structures and 182 surface lots. Parking Operations received no funds from the State, the University budget, or student fees.

Walker provided a Technical Review that included permit rules, organization of Parking Department operations, descriptions of parking programs, transportation and parking alternatives, campus population and user group statistics and projections. Additional review items include descriptions and tabulations of parking spaces by campus and facility, hours of operation, fees and rates, sales figures and revenue collections and operating expenses. A conceptual maintenance plan provided quantified capital expenditures for repairs and capital maintenance for the parking assets. The plan included physical condition assessment and estimates of costs for next 50 years. A Parking Revenue Analysis projected estimates of cash flow and volume growth based on enrollment projections

Benefit: IU Parking Department and The University Board of Trustees now had the facts and analyses to make decisions related to potential lease of parking assets.