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City of Memphis On-Street Parking


Memphis, Tennessee

The City of Memphis received unsolicited proposals from parties interested in privatizing on-street parking operations but then decided they were not interested. Wanting to keep the operations in-house, they contacted Walker to assist them with in-house retention of meter operation, customer service enhancements, payment and enforcement options, minimizing disruption during the transition period, and making fiscally-prudent decisions.

Walker provided an on-street parking study, reviewing locations of existing meters and identifying locations of future meters. We also provided the Request for Proposals and Technical Specifications for the combination of 1,400 single- and multi-space meters recommended to optimize financial results. Walker also reviewed on-street meter rates, which included a benchmarking study, and we recommended an increase to existing rates.

One of the benefits of having a parking consultant involved is that we provided unbiased recommendations that were favorable to the City. We gave the City support and documentation make wise and informed decisions, be fiscally responsible for the use of taxpayer dollars, and receive favorable contract terms for the City.