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Walker Consultants provided parking consulting, functional design, and a state-of-the-art Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS) design for the West Deck at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). The cast-in-place, post-tensioned structure includes 5,772 spaces on seven levels with a multi-lane, cascading express ramp that allows all spaces to be on flat floors.

Express ramp connecting all floors of the ATL West Deck with space-available indicators above the access to each floor

The PARCS includes pay-on-foot, reservations, License Plate Recognition (LPR), a combination of automated and cashier exits, video intercom, and camera-based occupancy monitoring with an Automated Parking Guidance System (APGS). There are five entry lanes, six exit lanes, and a separate parking area for employees that includes an on-site command center.

Entry lanes at ATL West Deck with dynamic "OPEN" signs

Walker’s technology design located key dynamic sign APGS wayfinding points to guide visitors to available parking on each level and row. The signs include unique counts for speciality spaces, including ADA and EV charging. Dynamic signs at the exits point patrons to the correct lanes. Exit lane equipment is compatible with Peach Pass, the local highway toll transponders, allowing visitors to charge parking to their toll account.

Walker also designed the system to be able to use LPR for “frictionless” parking: reservations, automatic exits, and validated parking can all be linked to a vehicle’s plates.

Interior of ATL West Deck showing parking spaces and a sign displaying real-time space availability


Erik Nelson

Erik Nelson, PCIP

Director of Operations and Technology Consulting