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Walker Consultants crafted an integrated, phased plan for William & Mary to improve its parking and transportation environment.

The university faced parking and congestion challenges, even with the addition of a new parking structure in 2006. Walker analyzed supply and demand, identified current and future shortfalls, and reviewed policies and procedures. Walker recommended a number of corrective actions to address congestion, including:

  • Increasing capacity by re-striping
  • Using Transportation Demand Management (TDM) techniques, like distributing new parkers based on availability
  • Making campus shuttle routes more frequent and convenient
  • Improving communication, coordination and efficiency with new information technologies

With Walker’s recommendations, William & Mary will be able to improve the parking and transportation experience for students, staff and faculty without needing to build an additional parking facility. Walker’s integrated plan provides the college with a defined approach to changing operational practices, departmental procedures, and infrastructure, along with methods to ensure accountability.

“One of the Best Business Decisions We Have Ever Made”

“Engaging Walker Consultants to assist and guide us through overhaul of the William & Mary parking and transportation system was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. Walker comes to the table ready to deliver results. Their highly skilled and experienced staff don’t just collect data and analyze numbers, they create relationships, they engage with your staff, customers, and key stakeholders on every level. Their recommendations are well thought and conceived not only from large data sets but also from the experiential data they gather from live intercepts and customer interviews. Our partnership is what sets Walker apart from other consultants—their support continues well beyond the period of the project or study making sure we are treated as more than just clients.”

Bill Horacio III, Director of Parking & Transportation, William & Mary

Photo courtesy Smash the Iron Cage on Wikimedia

David Lieb

David Lieb, TDM-CP

Principal | National Director of Higher Education Mobility Planning

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