Established in 1965 as a structural engineering firm, Walker rapidly morphed into a parking design and consulting firm and by the 1980s was the leading parking consulting firm in the United States.

Today, Walker Consultants is a global consulting firm with 23 offices. Our team of more than 325 multidiscipline professionals bring experience working in all 50 states and 20 foreign countries.

We are proud of the impact our firm and our people have had on the parking industry and specifically on the planning, design and restoration of parking facilities worldwide. Many of the design elements and planning approaches that are taken for granted today are innovations developed by Walker’s professional staff. Our team pioneered the concept of the mega-parking structure at theme parks, airports and international developments, furthered the use of and improved upon the concept of shared parking at mixed-use developments, and were instrumental in the development of design standards for accessible parking.

In addition to design expertise, our people are industry leaders in the consulting area as well, being one of the first firms to demonstrate how strategic parking planning can help cities and towns promote economic development and improve the quality of life for residents. Walker served as the parking consultant for the first privatization of a municipal parking system and has continued to assist with dozens of public/private partnership projects.

Walker continues to provide a full spectrum of forensic and rehabilitation solutions to owners. Whether for a parking structure, building, bridge, stadium, cooling tower, or any other type of infrastructure, our state-of-the-art technical expertise will provide innovative solutions for all your restoration needs.

Looking forward to the future, we are continually expanding our services and expertise to address the needs of our clients and today’s technological driven marketplace. Today, our team is working on improving the sustainability of our designs by using materials and building techniques that will extend the useful life of a facility and reduce the impact on the environment. Walker is developing solutions to address the impact of future autonomous vehicles on communities and for our clients’ projects. We are working with in the industry to examine opportunities for adaptive reuse of existing and future parking facilities; and from a consulting standpoint, have developed a holistic planning approach that integrates parking into the overall master mobility solution for communities, institutions and the private sector.

Walker has been the parking industry’s premier consultant for over 50 years with a focus on developing solutions that are realistic, implementable, and cost-effective by utilizing cutting edge technology and the creativity of our outstanding people.