Walker Consultants provides planning, design, engineering, forensics, restoration, and building envelope consulting.

Our experts have been advancing industry standards since we began in 1965. We are a 100% employee-owned company that takes pride in the value we provide our clients through integrity, honesty, and excellence.

Walker possesses a strong foundation as an industry leader in all aspects of parking consulting that encompass operations, technology, and mobility solutions. We offer our clients a wide spectrum of specialists and renowned experts from within the transportation industry who can bring effective and practical solutions to complex challenges.

Our abilities reach far beyond parking and mobility and include highly experienced forensic engineers and architects who provide investigative assessments, advanced analysis techniques, and litigation support. Our experience includes all types of facilities around the world affected by both natural events and design or construction defects.

In addition, we are among the largest providers of restoration and building envelope services in the industry. We combine our structural engineering and architectural design expertise to review and correct errors in new construction and engineer creative, efficient repair solutions for existing structures.

Walker Consultants has been consistently included in Engineering News-Record’s list of Top 500 design firms for more than 40 years, with a ranking of 275 in 2022.


Walker understands the need for transparent and integrated sustainability reporting and its importance in the current environment. This importance applies equally to our clients and partners since both businesses and governments have pivotal roles to play in enabling society to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change and foster sustainable development.

Our company’s approach to reporting measurable success in the areas where we are already making substantial progress has only recently been organized with the launch of our Sustainability Team in 2021 led by a group of champions who are dedicated to the creation of Walker’s Sustainability Report within 2022.

Walker’s integrated sustainability approach will meet the objectives of doing more for our clients with less; using fewer natural resources; enabling our people to work safely and go home safe, and nurturing our teams’ talents. Embedding sustainability into our business strategy is at the heart of our mission. To accomplish this, we are measuring progress through scorecards that are reviewed quarterly by our leadership team.

Our scorecards track progress in the reduction of waste in each of our 26 office locations that include the use of electronic communications over paper media, recycling programs, advanced technologies that replace travel demand, employee involvement within their communities, and corporate stewardship.