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Village of Spring Lake Parking Study


Spring Lake, Michigan

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Walker Consultants provided a comprehensive downtown access assessment for the Village of Spring Lake, a popular destination near the coast of Lake Michigan.

The Village and Downtown Development Association (DDA) wanted to understand how the Village’s parking system was serving visitors, residents, and employees. They also wanted to be prepared for continuing growth and new developments, as well as special events that draw large crowds.

Aerial map of Spring Lake with Walker's analysis overlaid

Walker conducted a parking supply/demand analysis, a shared-use analysis, and future needs assessment. Stakeholder engagement was an important part of the process: Walker administered a community-wide survey and hosted two meetings to gather input. Walker also reviewed the Village’s parking policies and practices.

From this analysis and stakeholder input, Walker developed a plan with alternatives for addressing current and future needs. The Village and DDA now have a clear understanding of their situation, and have specific and achievable actions they can use to improve access to downtown now and in the future. With Walker’s plan, the Village and DDA can make informed and cost-effective decisions to serve their residents, businesses, and visitors.