Meeting the needs of owners and users is the centerpiece of Walker’s parking and transportation planning services, which focus on the following concepts:

  • Inclusivity and stakeholder buy-in;
  • Cost effective solutions;
  • Tailored solutions and out-of-the-box approaches based on the unique needs of each client;
  • Right-sizing of parking facilities to minimize owner’s out-of-pocket expenses and preserve real estate for its highest and best use; and
  • The application of leading-edge and proven technology solutions.

Interpreting and improving public policy is often a component of our planning efforts and we bring real world hands-on experience and implementable solutions to positively impact parking and transportation policies and practices. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Airport Landside Plans
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans
  • Mobility Studies and Plans
  • Municipal Code Studies and Updates
  • Parking Supply/Demand
  • Shared Parking Plans
  • Transportation Demand Management Plans (TDM)
  • Parking Allocation and Pricing Strategies
  • Curb Management

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