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Loma Linda University and Medical Center Planning Study


Loma Linda, California

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The main campus of the Loma Linda University and Medical Center has a parking supply of over 7,700 parking spaces. The hospital is planning a major renovation expansion to its physical plant that will see the construction of over 1.7 million square feet of new structures. Accompanying this expansion, the campus will experience incremental growth in its patient, medical staff, physician, and academic population. Compounding the impact of the increased parking demand will be the fact that two of the campus’s larger parking areas are the sites for future construction.

As a result of the parking study, Walker found that the parking supply was heavily utilized. Hospital staff and physicians had a campus-wide deficit of spaces and it was noted that members of the hospital staff parking in areas reserved for patients and visitors. The heightened use of patient and visitor parking areas resulted in significant congestion in those lots.

For the short term, Walker suggested that the campus adopt management practices to discourage unauthorized use of parking areas reserved for patients and visitors. These measures included the use of hand-held enforcement computers to monitor the use of visitor lots, the continued improvement to existing parking facilities, the installation of PARCS equipment to regulate the use of patient and visitor parking areas, and the institution of a parking rate structure for patient and visitor parking areas. For the long term, Walker suggested the addition of at least 2,700 parking spaces to accommodate the campus’s parking demand for 2020.

Benefit: Coupled with the additional management techniques, the additional parking spaces will enable the campus to grow its patient, staff, physician, and student base while providing quality facilities