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Structural Engineering

Our experts assess structural conditions and develop repair and/or strengthening designs. We have specialized experience with seismic evaluation and retrofitting. We also design, evaluate, and test fall protection and façade access systems.

Walker began as a group of structural engineers in 1965, and structural engineering remains at the heart of our work and excellence. In our decades of experience, we’ve worked on virtually every type of structure imaginable, from buildings to stadiums, bridges, tunnels, dams, and offshore structures.

Al Bustamante, PE

Senior Vice President / Managing Director

Fall Protection Design and Testing

Walker Consultants performs OSHA compliance assessments, annual inspections, and load test certification of permanent fall protection and façade access equipment including davits, davit bases, and fall protection anchors.
We implement a practical approach to compliance verification by working as a partner with building owners to develop an inspection and testing program for existing equipment—or the design of new equipment—that satisfies the requirements of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910 for Walking- Working Surface and Personal Protective Equipment Fall Protective Systems.

Walker can help you comply with the latest OSHA regulations for powered maintenance platforms—including permanent davit bases and portable davit arm assemblies— and fall protection anchors, including those used for rope descent systems (RDS). For all owner-supplied equipment, this includes:

  • An initial engineering load test certification program prior to service
  • Periodic re-certification by load test as necessary, such as after major modification, or at 10-year maximum intervals if applicable
  • Annual visual inspection

Structural Condition Assessment

A structural condition assessment provides in-depth information on the structural system of a building, including areas in need of repairs that are important for the stability and longevity of the structure.

For a structural assessment of a building, Walker reviews the complete structural system of your building including assessing the structural integrity of the building, providing prioritized repairs to extend the service life of your structure, and creating a maintenance repair program. This can include a visual investigation and non-destructive testing (visual, audible, radar, etc.).

Structural Repair Design

Walker’s structural engineers provide repair design services for all structures. From schematic design through construction documents, Walker develops technical drawings and details, assists with product selection, provides specifications (including performance criteria and warranty requirements), and specifies mock-ups and testing provisions that are pertinent to the overall repair design.

Structural Strengthening

Buildings and infrastructure may, over time, deteriorate and exhibit distress from loss of the load-carrying capacities. Walker has the resources and experience to identify possible sources and areas of deterioration, quantify deficiencies, and design remedial actions to restore and strengthen the deficient components.
Our specialists have successfully designed cost-effective strengthening methods using carbon fiber, external post-tensioning, steel plate bonding, and structural section enlargements. We have also been called upon by clients that are configuring their facilities, changing users, or strengthening for higher seismic loads.

Foundation Evaluations and Repairs

Walker has evaluated and designed required repairs for several foundation types, including ring wall foundations, machine foundations, retaining walls, slab on grade, shallow and deep foundations. Walker is also experienced in designing new foundations.

Seismic Evaluation

Walker has assisted several clients in evaluating and strengthening buildings, nuclear structures, and non-building structures under seismic loads. Our seismic analysis services include:

  • Seismic assessment of structures
  • Seismic evaluation of onshore and offshore structures
  • Seismic evaluation of water and wastewater facilities including dams, spillways, tanks, vaults, pumps, and equipment
  • Evaluation of base isolation systems
  • Structural evaluations per California accidental release prevention (CalARP)
  • Seismic assessment of buried pipelines and structures
  • Seismic fault crossing analysis for pipelines
  • Performance-based evaluations and designs
  • Soil-structure interaction (SSI) in seismic assessments
  • Engineering inspections to find the seismic vulnerabilities
  • Seismic retrofit evaluations and designs

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