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Walker Consultants worked with the City of Boulder to create an implementation and action plan for its new Access Management and Parking Strategy. Walker’s plan is focused on making a big impact with minimal expense.

Boulder’s strategy, adopted in 2017, aims to improve access to transportation and parking options citywide while balancing the social, environmental, and economic interests of the city and community. To implement the strategy, Walker crafted a full-suite revitalization of the city’s decades-old Neighborhood Parking Permit program and its parking pricing program. Walker’s recommendations includes paid loading zones, as well as demand-based pricing. With this, Boulder becomes one of the first cities in the country to use parking demand data to determine pricing.

Walker’s recommendations will allow Boulder to make great strides towards its goals with minimal capital expenses or additional staffing demands. The plan can also dramatically increase revenue potential. These funds can be reinvested into community transportation programs, allowing residents to see a direct positive result from the changes to parking pricing policy.

Read the full report of Walker’s recommendations for Boulder (19.7MB PDF).

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