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Nashville International Airport Terminal Garage


Nashville, Tennessee

Awarded for design and sustainability

Walker Consultants provided structural engineering and functional design consulting to Atkins for the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority’s new Terminal Garage at Nashville International Airport (BNA). The facility includes 2,200 covered spaces on six levels and a dedicated Ground Transportation Center.

The International Parking & Mobility Institute awarded the project with Best Design of a Mixed or Multi-Use Parking & Transportation Facility and Excellence in Sustainable Design. It is also Parksmart Bronze certified.

Structural Design

Walker’s structural design for the garage uses a cast-in-place, post-tensioned construction that is both durable and low-maintenance. The structure can be expanded horizontally in two directions to accommodate future growth. Wide 60-foot column spacing provides high visibility, increasing safety and making it easier to find open spaces.

Interior of Nashville International Airport Terminal Garage showing columns and open design

Functional Design

Walker’s functional design features an automated guidance system to direct visitors to open spaces. Digital signs at airport entrances display real-time parking availability. An express ramp system lets visitors enter and exit quickly and allows all parking spaces to be on a level floor. The ramp is on the opposite end from the elevator and stair tower, minimizing interactions between pedestrians and vehicles.

Wayfinding signage is visually distinctive and uses colors to differentiate between parking levels. The color scheme is reinforced with colors on structural columns, elevator lobby walls, wayfinding signs, and the “Air/Traffic/Control” public art installation in the elevator lobby of each tier.

The Ground Transportation Center features a dedicated entrance, preventing conflict with public parking patrons. The Center’s design separates each mode of transportation into designated lanes for easy access.

Detail of elevator lobby with different colors for each floor

Sustainable Design

The garage’s open-air structure design ensures proper indoor air quality, nearly eliminating the need for energy-consuming mechanical ventilation and exhaust fans. The parking guidance system reduces unnecessary drive time, fossil fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Pay-on-foot kiosks also reduce vehicle idling time.

The garage features electric vehicle charging stations, LED lighting, a rooftop canopy to capture up to 20,000 gallons of rainwater for irrigation, and a partial “green” wall with planter boxes.

The garage received Parksmart’s Bronze certification for its sustainable features.

EV charging stations inside Terminal Garage