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Covington Parking Asset Study


Covington, Kentucky

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The City of Covington, Kentucky engaged Walker Consultants after newly forming a parking authority. The Authority, tasked with managing more than 2,000 off-street spaces in the form of 14 surface lots and 3 parking structures, as well as 420 on-street spaces, is expected to operate with financial independence. The Authority needed Walker’s help understanding the financial condition of the parking system, and strategies to increase profitability, while best serving the community’s needs and expectations.

Walker provided a comprehensive, task-specific guide to building a parking system to meet community demands while ensuring the financial and structural sustainability of the parking enterprise.

Covington, Kentucky

Walker’s solutions included implementation of Parking Policies and Practice recommendations, as well as a Parking Rate plan to keep rates in line with comparable communities. Walker conducted Community Stakeholder surveys and forums to evaluate the public perception of the existing parking landscape. Walker also introduced a Technology Upgrade plan to provide consistent and comprehensive enforcement, improved customer service, and revenue controls. Additionally, Walker implemented an On-Street parking management plan, including an expanded residential permit program and reintroduction of parking meters in a commercial district.