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Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower Condition Assessment

Baltimore, Maryland
Clock tower listed on the National Register of Historic Places
Year Constructed

The Bromo Seltzer Tower is a Baltimore landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Walker was engaged to perform an assessment regarding the façade, waterproofing components, and structural systems of the structure. The Owner had concern about distress in the façade and reported moisture infiltration conditions and wanted an evaluation to assist with obtaining funding for needed repairs and preservation of the structure.

The clock tower is 21 total levels, constructed in 1911 and was the tallest structure in Baltimore until 1923. When completed, the tower featured the world’s largest four-dial gravity driven clock, clock faces are 24 feet in diameter. The structural framing consists of steel framing with concrete floor slabs supported by steel framing members and the exterior walls of the tower are composed of multi-wythe masonry and terra cotta.

Walker performed a limited visual observation of the façade, waterproofing and exposed structural elements. We provided opinion as to the cause of the distress, moisture infiltration, and general condition of the façade and exposed structural elements. Additionally, Walker provided conceptual recommendations for needed repair/replacement work and additional engineering evaluation via exterior sampling and testing.

Walker provided a cost effective current assessment that prioritizes needed repairs that the owner can use to submit to the City to obtain funding for repairs and preservation needs. Also, Walker recommended additional sampling and testing to provide more detailed recommendations and better understand the extent of some repairs.

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