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Cushing Schools Earthquake Damage Investigation

Cushing, Oklahoma
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The buildings of the Cushing Public School District were significantly damaged from the M 5.0 2016 Cushing Earthquake. The extent of damage was unknown and the extent of repairs necessary to restore the buildings were unknown. Walker identified the extent of the damage caused by earthquake to structural and non-structural buildings components.

Nine campuses of the Cushing Public School District, including school and administrative buildings were a part of the investigation. They are one- to two-story buildings, built between 1955 – 2015, constructed of unreinforced or lightly reinforced masonry walls and steel columns, with steel or precast concrete roof framing.

Walker conducted a forensic investigation to assist owner client in post-earthquake recovery and repairs. The team performed data analysis of the earthquake from recording stations and performed visual observations and non-destructive evaluation tools to evaluate impact of earthquake on school buildings. Walker performed structural engineering analyses to complement and verify observations. Walker recommended and coordinated repairs with contractor per building code analysis. As a result of the investigation, Walker identified the extent of the damage to buildings caused by the earthquake.

Can Simsir, PhD, PE

Principal / Director of Forensics

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