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Village of Arlington Heights Parking Structure Maintenance

  • Arlington Heights, Illinois

Public Works Project of the Year Award, Structures under 5 Million Dollars Category, from the American Public Works Association Suburban Branch, 2024

  • Condition assessments
  • Repair designs
  • Engineering services in  immediate situations
Four parking structures

Village of Arlington Heights has 4 parking structures located in downtown Arlington Heights, Illinois, two structures are precast concrete double-tees and conventionally reinforces columns and the other two structures are cast-in-place, post-tensioned slabs and beams. The parking structures total 2,720 spaces built between 1980-1998.

Walker performed condition assessment to evaluate the condition of the structures. After the assessment, Walker provided a report with recommended repairs. Then Walker developed construction documents for all four parking structures to fit within the village’s yearly project budget.

The team performed part time observations during construction to review that the repairs being completed were in general conformance to the intent of the design drawings. Also, Walker provided engineering services in multiple immediate situations to address observed damage to the existing structures and develop immediate repair solutions to keep the parking structures safe and open to the public.

Walker planned the projects for each structure to decrease the amount of downtime, keeping the assets in service through proper phasing of construction work. The proper planning and maintenance has helped reduce the maintenance costs overall for these large structures.

John Morgan

Restoration Consultant

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