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WMATA Metrorail Stations Parking Deck Asset Management Plan

Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area
28 garages built between 1983 and 2013
Garage surveys, reports, and a 10-year asset management plan for Metro facilities

Walker Consultants provided restoration consulting services for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). WMATA owns, operates, and maintains over 62,000 parking spaces in the Washington metropolitan area, structured and on-grade (surface lots). The parking system is a significant WMATA asset, generating approximately $45 million annually in revenue for the Authority.

The Authority engaged Walker through an on-call consultant to examine parking policies, strategies, and existing conditions. As a result, Walker surveyed 28 garages and associated bridges for existing conditions, defined the extent and causes of deterioration, and provided a 10-year asset management plan (AMP) for Metro parking facilities.

Walker’s investigation and report identified high-priority repairs to be completed with existing funding. To motivate funding authorization, the AMP explained the financial consequences of deferring timely maintenance to critical decision-makers. In addition, the AMP provided a sound basis for obtaining funding from both capital expenditure and operational budgets to extend the life of parking decks cost-effectively.

Greg Neiderer, PE

Senior Restoration Consultant

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