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West Hollywood Automated Garage


West Hollywood, California

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The City of West Hollywood has a 68-space surface parking lot behind City Hall at 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard. This parking is not adequate to serve the visitors and staff of the adjacent 35,000 SF city hall building. Employees have to park in a remote parking structure on Kings Road. In addition, service trucks backing into the loading dock cut off vehicle traffic entering the parking lot. The city wanted to construct 132 additional parking spaces and configure them to allow for adequate service truck access and to provide for some outdoor civic space for news conferences and public amenities.

The solution was a stand-alone, above grade, automated vehicle storage and retrieval system (AVSRS). The footprint of the AVSRS is 40% smaller than a conventional, ramp-access garage. The building is five stories high, matching the height of city hall, and houses 200 parking spaces. There is a 27-foot setback between the building and city hall allowing for a landscaped outdoor civic space. The service truck access is totally segregated from the vehicle access.