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Bismark Parkade Ramp Restoration

  • Bismarck, North Dakota
  • Gold Award, Innovation Category, from the North Dakota Ready-Mix & Concrete Products Association, 2023
  • Condition assessment
  • Repairs designs/construction documents

The Parkade Ramp serves the transient parkers to the downtown Bismarck area. Originally constructed in 1967, the parking ramp consists of six supported levels above finished store front at the on-grade level. A spiral ramp is the only way to exit the structure, all vehicle movement through the structure is by the single threaded one-way helix. In 2002, the original spiral ramp was demolished and replaced with a new spiral ramp.
Walker performed a condition assessment of the ramp and observed flexural cracking on the ring beams supporting the exterior of the spiral exit ramp, primarily where the ramp connects with the structure. Walker was engaged to design the repairs to the parking ramp.
In Spring 2023, Walker developed construction documents to be competitively bid out to restoration contractors. The scope of work was to design strengthening for the ring beams as well as to repair isolated, broken, slab post-tensioned tendons on the top level.

During construction, full access to the ramp was maintained. The repairs provided include:

  • Shear strengthening for ring beams
  • Flexural strengthening by thickening the beams with self-consolidated concrete and mild steel
  • Repaired and restressed floor slab post-tensioned tendons

Repairs to the ramp were completed in a timely manner. The ramp was able to be strengthened in place while maintaining full access to the exit ramp.

John Morgan

Restoration Consultant

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