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Curb Management Plan and Curb Fee Analysis


Sacramento, California

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The City of Sacramento engaged Walker Consultants to evaluate a curb management fee strategy to diversify its revenue portfolio and fund mobility infrastructure.

The rapidly changing context of parking and mobility has increased competition for curb space in Sacramento, especially from Ride Apps and commercial delivery vehicles. This presents two challenges:

  • Growing demands for the curb have increased the need for planning, administration, and investment in curb management and shared mobility.
  • Changing consumer transportation trends away from driving and parking could result in decreased parking revenues over the long term and require revenue portfolio diversification.

Walker’s analysis considered options for a phased implementation of curb access fees for Ride Apps and commercial delivery vehicles. Walker benchmarked fees against peer cities and projected demand, then developed a range of scenarios that considered less optimistic and more optimistic conditions that incorporate ramp-up and compliance assumptions. The study also evaluated state regulatory challenges for implementation and addressed how to overcome those hurdles.

Walker recommended a curb management plan that included the regulatory changes, data collection, reporting requirements, and auditing procedures to ensure compliance. The plan also examined proposed mobility improvements that may be funded through the fees, including bicycle/scooter parking, micro-transit services, and bicycle lanes.

With Walker’s analysis, Sacramento can select the best path forward based on their criteria. The City will be able to increase access, convenience, and safety by managing congestion at the curb and providing improved mobility options. It will also gain a sustainable revenue source to fund parking and transportation capital projects, maintenance, and operations.

Chrissy Mancini Nichols

National Director of Curb Management & New Mobility