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OneAmerica Parking Garage & Pedestrian Bridge


Indianapolis, Indiana

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The OneAmerica Parking Garage provides additional parking to downtown Indianapolis. This garage will allow for urban development to replace the existing surface lots. The employee parkers who use this facility will embrace the flat floor and express ramp experience. The garage will also support special event parking on nights and weekends.

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) parking access equipment will minimize the time spent entering and exiting the facility. A parking availability display system will direct patrons to open spaces. A pedestrian bridge will connect the garage to the OneAmerica tower across New York Street.

The architectural facades of the garage will complement the adjacent tower. The stair/elevator towers will be identifiable due to their glass exterior. The durable post-tensioned cast-in-place structure will minimize maintenance costs while providing taller ceiling heights to assist in signage and wayfinding.  Walker’s services included Functional/ PARCS/Signage Design/Consulting and Structural/MEP Engineering.

This project was awarded the 2013 Outstanding Achievements in Concrete-Transportation 2 from the Indiana Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.