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Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa Parking Structure


Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

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The Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa (now known as Rod ‘N’ Reel Resort) is a luxury resort located on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. As part of a 2015 renovation and expansion of the hotel and resort amenities, a new parking structure was needed to accommodate the additional parking demand. The solution was a 648-space, 4-level parking garage designed to be integral with an adjacent marina. Working with Little Diversified Architectural Consultanting, Walker Consultants provided parking design and structural engineering for the parking portion of the project.

The parking structure uses a precast structural system with driven pile foundations. A three-bay, center ramp design allows for a level façade on all four sides. Architectural screening with historic beach resort imagery was attached the precast spandrels. A restaurant space was built alongside the water as part of the structure, and is connected to the resort by an elevated walkway.

Exterior of parking structure under construction showing large murals attached to facade