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One Glenwood Parking Deck


Raleigh, North Carolina

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Walker Consultants provided parking design and structural engineering services for Heritage Properties’ One Glenwood Parking Deck in Raleigh, NC.

The structure is a 10-story, 700-space parking deck, adjacent to the office tower, boutique hotel, and ground-level retail. The hotel conceals the parking deck on two sides creating architectural interest.

One Glenwood Parking Deck

Walker’s goal was to specifically solve the dilemma of placing a large parking deck on a tight urban site while integrating the needs of the attached hotel and office building. Walker’s design team was able to solve the many issues involved with a large parking facility on a tight urban site serving multiple users. Walker’s design solution resulted in a user-friendly parking experience for office tenants, hotel guests, and visitors.

The parking deck features a two-bay continuous ramp functional design with entry and exits from two different levels. The access control system includes proximity cards for credentialed parkers and pay-on-foot stations for transients.