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Marina Place Waterproofing and Structural Strengthening

Dunedin, Florida
  • Mid-rise condominium
  • Stucco over CMU exterior walls
  • Water intrusion
  • Structural issues
  • Investigation
  • Repair design
  • Construction observation

Condo Water Intrusion Investigation Reveals Structural Issues

Marina Place is a 7-level condominium building in Dunedin, Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. The building’s façade consists of a combination of direct-applied stucco over CMU exterior walls and lath-backed stucco over building paper and metal stud framing.

Residents of the building were experiencing significant water intrusion, including water dripping from the middle of ceilings and along the perimeter of the exterior wall at the floor. The stucco exhibited cracks, spalls, rust stains, and blisters of trapped water. There was also some concrete spalling on exterior walkways.

Walker Consultants performed a thorough investigation with a combination of visual observations, water testing, and invasive interior and exterior openings. The goal of the investigation was to understand the building’s construction, observe conditions of the existing materials, and better understand the water intrusion sources and potential remedies.

Matt Dougherty, PE

Principal, Director – Building Envelope, Forensics & Restoration

Walker determined that the causes of the water intrusion were cracks in the stucco and exterior CMU wall, concrete spalls at windowsills, and poor sealant installation around windows. The water traveled through the cracks and spalls, down the hollow cells of the exterior wall CMU block, and under the unit flooring into the ceiling of the units below.

Walker designed the recommended repairs and prioritized them as three separate projects, providing the condo association with potential costs for each project. The repairs could be spread across multiple years, with the major leak repairs prioritized first.

As construction began, an additional issue was discovered. The exterior CMU block wall should normally have been reinforced with rebar to provide strength and resist wind loads, but no rebar was found. Walker recommended that this structural issue be addressed before the façade waterproofing work took place.

Marina Place now has a properly installed, warranted waterproofing system that will protect the strengthened concrete structure and protect the building and owners’ homes from water intrusion.

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