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JPMorgan Chase Corporate Campuses Restoration


Columbus, Ohio

Walker Consultants performed assessments, then identified and supervised repairs to parking structures, surface lots, and roadways at three JPMorgan Chase corporate campuses in the Columbus, Ohio area. Together the three locations include 24 surface lots with 8,800 spaces and several miles of internal roadways. Four two-level precast double tee parking structures include more than 3,700 additional spaces across 1.1 million square feet.

Walker observed severe alligator cracking in the roadway systems and surface lots, faded and deteriorated markings, trip/fall hazards on deteriorated sidewalks, failed concrete barrier curbs, and collapsed catch basins. The structures suffered from moisture infiltration at double tee joints, concrete delamination, corroded drain basins and plumbing, deteriorated traffic coating membranes, and severe concrete deterioration at shear connections.

Corroded drainage system inside parking garage

Walker prepared construction documents and performed construction monitoring. On the surface lots and roadways, this included milling asphalt and installing a stress absorbing membrane interlayer before repaving, installing new thermoplastic markings, repairing deteriorated concrete curbs and sidewalks, and addressing drainage issues. The parking structures received concrete repairs at the double tee shear connections and other deteriorated locations, new joint sealants, repair or replacement of drainage systems, and repair and recoating of the traffic membrane.

With the repairs that Walker planned and supervised, Chase has extended the useful life of their parking assets, and made them safer and more convenient for their employees and visitors.

Justin Riley

Restoration Consultant