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Watergate South Concrete Balcony Repairs

Washington, D.C.
  • Registered historic building
  • Condominium building
  • Waterproofing peer review
  • Construction documents

Watergate South (the Association) was preparing to repair the concrete balconies and engaged Walker to perform peer review for the concrete and waterproofing balcony repair project. Walker’s attention to the project and response to inquiries prompted Watergate South to retain Walker to become engineer of record for the balcony repair project. The balcony repair work includes concrete repairs at the balconies, remediation of the existing metal guardrail systems, restoration of the Vatican selected precast balustrades, and recoating of the balconies. Walker was then retained to perform an assessment of the existing waterproofing membrane and expansion joints for the plaza level above the below grade parking garage.

The historic Watergate complex is one of six post-tensioned concrete structures that are on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Cantilevered exterior concrete balconies which include precast concrete balustrades with aluminum guardrail/handrail assemblies.

Walker performed peer review services for the concrete and waterproofing repairs to the balconies. We then developed Construction Documents for concrete balcony repairs.

Our peer review assisted the Owner in understanding the need for a comprehensive balcony repair project to extend the life of their concrete balconies and historic balustrades. Our construction phase services allow us to work along with the Contractor and local government in preservation of this historic structure. Our plaza investigation has helped the Owner understand the current state of their landscaped plaza and plan for a repair and maintenance program.

Joseph W. Wilcher III, PE

Director of Forensics, Restoration and Building Envelope

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