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Keystone Lofts Structural Condition Assessment

Houston, Texas
100 year old condominium building
  • Structural condition assessment
  • Repair recommendations

This 100 year old structure has undergone multiple changes of use and subjected to many varied conditions, currently serving as a condominium building. Walker was retained by the Keystone Homeowner’s Association to perform a structural condition assessment to identify distressed elements throughout the structure and provide repair recommendations.

Walker performed a visual investigation and limited non-destructive testing of the existing concrete framing condition and evaluation of deficiencies. The team identified distress conditions at isolated locations that required repairs as well as safety hazards requiring repairs including delaminated/loose overhead concrete and damaged/loose windowsills.

Walker provided conceptual repairs and recommended implementation of a structural repair plan to protect the underlying structural components and reduce future maintenance costs. Additionally, Walker provided opinions of probable cost to implement the identified repairs.

The recommended repairs provided by Walker, if implemented, would extend the service life of the structure and slow the deterioration rate. The identification of repair costs will aid the homeowner’s association in budgeting for future maintenance work and the association can save money long-term by implementing the identified repairs before they grow and become more costly to repair.

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