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Nebraska Medical Center Parking Structure Rehabilitation


Omaha, Nebraska

Award-winning redesign and rehab

Walker Consultants worked with Kiewit Building Group and McGill Restoration on a renovation of Nebraska Medical Center’s Orange Parking Structure (Lot 1). Walker assessed the condition of the structure, designed alterations, and supervised construction. The renovation enhanced safety, accessibility and the overall visitor experience, while extending the life of the structure.

The project was awarded Best Facility Rehabilitation or Restoration by the International Parking & Mobility Institute.

Work was carefully designed and scheduled to allow the garage and valet service to remain open continuously, and the project was completed in less than six months. The scope of the project encompassed Walker’s skills in forensics, structural rehab, restoration design, parking functional design, project management, budget development and management, and construction logistics.

The renovation included significant enhancements: a three-level parking structure, a drive-up patient and valet entrance, a helipad that serves as the primary emergency department landing zone, and a waterproofed plaza system.

Operational upgrades included new traffic circulation at the main entry to separate parking traffic from drop-off traffic, new curb cuts, improved pedestrian crosswalk pavement markings, tactile warning plates, and delineators to slow drop-off traffic. A new parking entry and parking stall design increased capacity while reducing vehicle traffic at the building entry.

Accessible parking was relocated to a safer and more convenient location. In addition, curbs were eliminated to minimize trip hazards, and accessible ramps were added where raised sidewalks could not be eliminated. The main building loading zone is now curb-free.

Lighting was upgraded to LED fixtures throughout the facility and ceilings at lower levels were painted white for improved visibility and pedestrian safety. Signage was replaced with larger lettering and traffic arrows were painted on slabs for improved wayfinding. New stairs and landings in stair towers provide code-compliant handrails and guardrails while uniform walking surfaces and better lighting improves visibility and safety.