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Lancaster Hotel Facade


Houston, Texas

The structure is a reinforced concrete frame with clay tile in-fill and single wythe brick veneer and cast stone trim. The clay-brick masonry exterior wall extends the full building height with aluminum-framed windows that were replaced as a part of a 1982 renovation. Ornamental cast stone elements accent the top and bottom floors and a cast stone parapet cap extends along the length of the south and west street facing elevations. The east and north building elevations consist entirely of the clay-brick and aluminum windows and have terra cotta parapet caps. A cast stone parapet cap is located along the street elevations, while the east and north elevations have a terra cotta parapet cap. The foot print of the building is approximately 100 feet in the east-west direction by 51 feet in the north-south direction. Reportedly, isolated repairs to the exterior masonry walls were conducted as part of the renovation work performed in 1982.

Walker used photographs to generate 3-D model so that the mold could duplicate the panel without removing the original.  The replacement panel was put into place as they removed the broken one in one operation.  They replaced corroded lintels, restored spalled brick facade, and repaired in-place cast stone. They manufactured the molds out of the spiral columns and bracket samples.

Al Bustamante, PE

Senior Vice President / Managing Director