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University of Florida Asset Management Plan

Gainesville, Florida
  • Asset management plan
  • Maintenance and restoration repairs
  • 14 parking structures
  • 10,140 structured parking spaces

Walker has worked with the University of Florida to plan for maintenance and repairs for their parking structures since 2000. The University has fourteen parking garages ranging in age from 10 to 45 years old and in size from 350 to 1,420 parking spaces, total of 10,140 structured parking spaces.

The University of Florida needed help managing and maintaining all of their parking structures. Walker Consultants evaluated each structure and developed a 10-year maintenance and restoration plan for these important infrastructure assets. The original continuous improvement plan (CIP) plan, developed in close conjunction with the University of Florida, was created in 2000. It has since been updated in 2005, 2009, 2013 and again in 2019. This approach provides the University with invaluable planning and budgeting information. It also ensures minimal service interruptions when repairs become necessary.

An Asset Management Plan serves as a facility management tool to extend the useful life of buildings and parking structures by planning and budgeting for the maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of the assets.  It provides necessary parameters for owners to incorporate their assets into the overall planning with a focus on projecting future costs of the assets.  These projected costs include repair recommendations based on applicable repair alternatives, life cycle costs analysis, and probable impact of continued deterioration over the plan period.

The services that Walker has provided for the University of Florida as part of the asset management plan include:

  • Provided the University a prioritized schedule of conditions that require remedial actions
  • Developed an opinion of probable costs spread out over 10 years
  • Developed construction repair documents
  • Construction observation services
  • Repairs included: concrete restoration, waterproofing repairs, masonry repairs, brick façade repairs, roof membrane replacement, flashing repairs, replacement of high-performance steel coatings, miscellaneous metals repairs, miscellaneous electrical work, steel stair replacement

Matt Dougherty, PE

Principal, Director – Building Envelope, Forensics & Restoration

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