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Easton Town Center Asset Management Plan


Columbus, Ohio

Easton Town Center opened in 1999 and encompasses 1.7 million square feet of retail in 21 buildings. The development is served by six parking structures (including the Fenlon Square structure that Walker designed) and 15 surface lots totaling more than 8,000 spaces. There are numerous internal roadways and 200,000 square feet of pervious pavers. Most of the buildings are either one- or two-story with brick or EIFS facades. Roof area totals more than 850,000 square feet and consists of mechanically-fastened EPDM, ballasted EPDM, and TPO roof types.

Walker Consultants performed a condition assessment of Easton Town Center’s parking structures, surface lots, internal roadways, and sidewalks to prepare an Asset Management Plan, including an opinion of probably cost. Walker identified a variety of problems, including concrete delaminations, sealant failures, asphalt deterioration, sidewalk trip hazards, pervious paver failure, facade failure, and roof issues. Walker’s experts used thermal imaging and visual observations to identify distress to the facades and roofs.

Poor asphalt conditions at Easton Town Center

Walker’s recommended repairs include concrete and asphalt patching, addressing structural issues, replacement of waterproofing elements, installation of new facade brick and stone, and sub-grade rehabilitation for roadway and surface lot draining issues. Walker also recommended new garage signage and redesigned traffic flow to increase capacity.

With the Asset Management Plan Walker prepared, the owners of Easton Town Center can prioritize and budget to properly maintain their buildings and parking assets. This not only enhances safety for visitors, it keeps the structures looking fresh and attractive, and prolongs their useful life.