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Easton Hospital Building Envelope Asset Management Plan

Easton, Pennsylvania
Community hospital with clay-brick masonry walls
Visual assessment

Developed comprehensive asset management plan

Walker provided building envelope consulting services for the Easton Hospital campus. This 90-plus-year-old community hospital encompasses 2-city blocks with a total building footprint of 140,000 square feet ranging from 2 to 5 stories in height. Since opening in 1930, nine (9) building expansions were constructed primarily of clay-brick masonry walls, punched windows, and single-ply roofs.

Walker completed a visual assessment of the campus’ façade/fenestrations and examined and analyzed two previous campus-wide roofing assessments. Walker then issued a comprehensive asset management plan providing priority ranking of the full building envelope to initiate a proactive maintenance program.

Thanks to Walker’s planned approach to providing long-term repairs, the Client has a cost-effective, prioritized guide for the maintenance, repairs, and replacements of roofs, facades, and fenestrations.

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