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Condition Assessment of Nationwide Parking Portfolio


22 Cities in 17 States

41 Facilities. 22 Cities. 17 States. Three Weeks.

Walker performed a condition assessment of 41 parking facilities in 17 states and issued a report with a customized repair program for each facility—all in less than three weeks.

With 23 offices around the country, Walker staff were able perform detailed inspections of the 14 structures and 27 surface lots within a short window of time. Conditions at each facility varied dramatically due to factors like age, original protection measures, exposure conditions, and previous repairs and maintenance.

Walker’s report included representative photos of each type of distress conditions recommended for repair.

Walker’s report to the owner includes an interactive summary spreadsheet plus detailed profiles of the conditions and recommended repair program for each site. This includes an opinion of probable repair cost for maintenance and capital expenditure at each facility for 10 years. The report also flagged conditions that should be addressed immediately, such as loose sections of overhead concrete.

Major capital expenditures recommended include structural and waterproofing related repairs, as well as replacement in kind of parking and revenue control systems (PARCS). The assessment also covered preventative maintenance, such as sealant replacement, sealer application, traffic topping re-coating, floor cleaning, and re-striping traffic markings.

With Walker’s report, the owner can now proactively plan to safely maintain and operate their facilities for the next 10 years and beyond.