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Northwestern Memorial Hospital Arkes Pavilion Plaza

Chicago, Illinois
  • Condition assessment
  • Waterproofing repair designs

Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NM) engaged Walker to evaluate the condition of the existing waterproofing of the plaza around the Arkes Pavilion building. The plaza waterproofing in place was estimated to be approximately 40 years old and had exceeded its anticipated service life. The brick pavers were set in a bed of sand, immediately over the waterproofing membrane. Due to improper drainage layer, ponded water accelerated the deterioration of the membrane and active water leakage was evident on the spaces below.

The Arkes Pavilion plaza is located on the north, east and west sides of the 676 N. Saint Clair St. building. The plaza is set back and serves as the main entrance to the Arkes Pavilion building offices and retail spaces.

Walker performed an assessment in order to evaluate the condition of the existing waterproofing in the plaza. The team prepared a report with conceptual repair or replacement options and an opinion of probable cost. With this information NM decided to complete replacement of the waterproofing system including new plaza area drains to improve drainage, new paver design, and landscaping upgrades to improve the aesthetic appeal of the plaza.

Walker developed construction documents which included the desired improvements for competitive bidding. Walker assisted NM with bidding and services during construction.  NM had the benefit of the engineer’s involvement during construction to provide solutions to unanticipated and unique conditions which keeps the project moving forward. Walker also provided weekly site visits to observe construction for conformance to contract documents.

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