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Commercial Office Building

Jersey City, New Jersey
Commercial Office Building
IRMA (Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly) Roofing Design

This 15-story commercial office building was constructed circa 1987. The existing roofing assembly consists of stone ballast on rigid insulation placed over a roofing membrane. The building also has two penthouse levels at the center that house mechanical equipment, stairs, and elevators.

Walker performed a condition assessment of the roofing and flashing to determine the extent of deterioration. We also provided two redesign options: one for conventional roofing and one for an IRMA system.

In addition to the roofing replacement, the client is planning to replace some of the equipment. Walker’s cost-efficient designs, and the timely delivery provided, created a value-added recommendation for the client.

Ibrahim Erdem, PhD, PE, SE, QPSI

Director – Forensics, Restoration and Building Envelope

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