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We are thrilled to announce that Walker’s Victor Hill and Ben Weber, have been featured in Parking & Mobility Magazine, a prestigious publication of the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI). In their article, “Get to the Point”, Hill and Weber address the critical issue of urban mobility, specifically the challenge of reducing parking requirements and the necessity of making driving less convenient to foster sustainable, enjoyable, and affordable urban environments.

Our cities are often viewed as landscapes where personal vehicles dominate, and alternative modes of transportation are sidelined. Hill and Weber argue against this perception, highlighting the growing feasibility of walking, bicycling, public transit, and other forms of travel. They emphasize the importance of investing in these alternatives to create integrated, efficient, and user-friendly mobility networks. Their work sheds light on the innovative concept of “mobility wallets,” a pilot initiative in Los Angeles aimed at encouraging the use of diverse transportation modes through seamless trip planning and payment solutions. This approach not only supports low-income residents but also serves as a model for other cities and universities seeking to mitigate the challenges posed by single-occupancy vehicles and parking constraints.

Our company proudly supports this forward-thinking vision, recognizing that the path to more sustainable urban living requires a collective shift in how we view and utilize transportation. Hill and Weber’s contribution to Parking & Mobility Magazine underscores our commitment to leading the charge in reimagining urban mobility for a better, more sustainable future for our communities. To read more, check out Hill and Weber’s article.