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Embracing the future of transportation, offering electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) at your parking facility adds to its level of service and represents a forward-thinking commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. As you consider the integration of EVCS into your facilities, Walker Consultants is ready to guide you towards a greener, more efficient tomorrow.

Understanding EVCS and the Components

EVCS are essential for powering up the increasing number of electric vehicles hitting our roads. From level 1 and level 2 chargers providing standard charging options to the rapid power of DC fast chargers, selecting the appropriate charging solution is critical for catering to your needs.

Customization: Decisions and Directions

Determining the ideal mix of chargers for your parking structure involves a deep dive into your specific requirements and the electric vehicle trends among your clientele. Whether the need is in long-term parking or specialized spots for taxis and rideshares, deciding on the quantity and location of chargers requires strategic insight. We’ll help you plan for the right system, supporting your facility from inception to implementation.

Partner with us for Your EVCS Implementation

With a proven track record of assisting clients with the seamless installation of EVCS, we will lead you through this transition. Our expertise spans from evaluating your garage’s charging demands to meeting ADA standards, positioning you to lead in the adoption of green technology.

Electric vehicle charging stations are not just infrastructure improvements; they are a statement to travelers about your dedication to innovation and environmental responsibility.

Embark on this electrifying journey with us! Contact Erik Nelson, PCIP or Geoffrey Posluszny, CPP today to discuss how we can facilitate your successful adoption of EVCS.

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