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We are proud to announce that John Dorsett, AICP, CPP, a Senior Director of Planning, Operations and Technology at Walker Consultants, has contributed a compelling article to Development Magazine, a reputable publication by NAIOP, The Commercial Real Estate Development Association. In the Winter 2023/2024 issue, Dorsett provides insightful analysis on “Rightsizing Parking in Support of Sustainability and ROI,” exploring how shared parking analyses can significantly save land, costs, and time in urban development projects.

Dorsett’s piece is a deep dive into the transformational potential of shared parking strategies, emphasizing how they can lead to more sustainable and cost-effective urban planning. This article highlights the necessity of rethinking parking space allocation in response to the changing dynamics of transportation and mobility. Dorsett’s expertise helps readers understand the economic and environmental benefits of rightsizing parking. He offers practical solutions and methodologies that can be adopted by developers to optimize their projects. The article is not only a testament to John Dorsett’s expertise in the field but also reflects our company’s commitment to pioneering sustainable and innovative urban development practices.