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Detroit Metro Airport Parking Structure Restoration


Detroit, Michigan

The Wayne County Airport Authority sought to optimize the operation and maintenance budgeting and planning for their extensive parking infrastructure. This included the Big Blue parking structure, accommodating 6,750 vehicles since 1994, and the McNamara parking structure, serving 11,500 vehicles since 2002. Together, these facilities cater to travelers, visitors, and staff, generating upwards of $75 million in annual revenue across a total of 18,250 spaces.

To achieve this, Walker Consultants undertook a comprehensive assessment of the Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s parking amenities. Our evaluation spanned a multitude of critical areas, including architectural integrity, glass installations, people movers, elevators, lighting systems, HVAC, emergency power provisions, ADA compliance, structural integrity, and issues related to concrete durability, sealants, waterproofing, and expansion joints.

The project was strategically expedited to align our findings with the annual budget review timeline set by the Board of Commissioners. Walker not only developed detailed design documents but also managed the construction administration for more than $16 million in essential repairs and upgrades. Remarkably, all interventions were executed within budget constraints and adhered strictly to the projected timeline, ensuring no disruption to airport operations.