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Duke University Parking Garage II Restoration


Durham, North Carolina

Duke University Parking Garage II contains 2,752 spaces and is an 8-level cast-in-place concrete parking structure. It serves both visitors and employees of the Duke University Medical Center. The first five levels were constructed in 1977, and the additional 3 levels were added in a vertical expansion in 1988.

Walker’s condition appraisal and evaluation of the garage showed the structure required plenty of work such as cracking, delamination, reinforcing FRP Repairs. Walker recommended several repairs to bring new life to the structure, including concrete patching, addressing broken PT tendon, replacement of expansion joints and sealant, application of a penetration sealer, FRP installation for beam strengthening, renovating deteriorated stone retaining wall, and installation of new interior guardrails.

Walker’s repair plan also included several upgrades to the garage such as:

  • Replacing entire electrical system, including addition of new generator for emergency power
  • Upgrading all lighting with new fixtures and daylight harvesting
  • Replacing all parking equipment specific to user groups to decrease wait times
  • Replacing and added pedestrian and vehicular wayfinding signage
  • Painting overhead surfaces and pedestrian cores to increase light effectiveness and enhance pedestrian wayfinding
  • Modifying function to enable nesting capabilities, increase vehicular flow, and provide additional spaces