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Litigation Case for Roof Structure Collapse


Houston, Texas

Walker Consultants provided litigation support for a partial roof collapse at a manufacturing facility. Located in Houston, Texas, the facility consists of three buildings. Building A was built in the 1960s and measures approximately 271 feet by 131 feet. Building B was added onto the south side in the 1970s and measures approximately 271 feet by 131 feet. Both Building A and B are steel framed single-story structures with a concrete tilt-up wall exterior. Building C was added in 2011 to the south of Building B. Building C is a one-story structure approximately 140 feet by 290 feet and consists of structural steel elements.

A rainstorm passed by the facility in the Houston, Texas area on November 26, 2011. Three bays of the Building B roof framing partially collapsed. A second partial collapse occurred on January 9, 2012 as a result of a second rainstorm. The total extent of the partial roof collapse was approximately 130 feet by 43 feet. Walker Consultants’ Al Bustamante, performed, signed, and sealed the original report while employed by his previous firm. After joining Walker Consultants, Al Bustamante provided litigation support in connection to the subject case.

Al Bustamante, PE

Senior Vice President / Managing Director