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Wildfire Woolsey Damage Investigation

Malibu, California
  • Forensic investigation for fire damage
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Walker Consultants performed an investigation of a residential garage structure to determine the impact of the 2018 Woolsey Fire in Malibu. The garage was in the path of the wildfire. It is a stand-alone, one-story garage, constructed in 1990, of full grouted reinforced concrete masonry on reinforced concrete foundation.

Walker conducted a visual investigation aided by non-destructive testing. During the investigation, Walker observed the fire-affected trees and vegetation to determine the fire path and investigated discoloration, cracks, spalling, delamination, plumbness, and levelness of structural components. We conducted rebound hammer tests to determine relative strengths of concrete components.

Walker concluded that the wildfire had caused damage to the garage, and identified components and locations where the damage was limited and the existing materials could be preserved. Walker concluded that the existing foundations and walls were structurally viable, based on the investigative work and the recommended repairs.

Walker coordinated repairs with the designer and the contractor to restore the garage.

Walker’s services revealed savings in testing, as well as in demolition and rebuild work.

Can Simsir, PhD, PE

Principal / Director of Forensics

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